LEAP (Life’s Evolving and Progressing)

Build A Bridge Foundation’s program Housing for veterans and non-veteran community members who are misplaced and homeless. The mission of the LEAP Program is to give individuals who are homeless and with no place to live, safe and stable housing in a family atmosphere. The LEAP Program offers supportive services and participants are connected to the resources needed to move toward economic independence. These services include, but are not limited to, GED referral, case management, job skills training, job resource/referral, credit repair/rebuilding assistance, clothing assistance, budgeting, community and health resources, and other services. The LEAP program is equipped with all the amenities and utilities necessary to be comfortable and begin rebuilding lives. We provide structure and personal accountability to insure participants achieve their goals as well as to help them transition back to a productive lifestyle. Program fees are assessed for all adult participants and includes all utilities. The LEAP Program provides basic furniture/household furnishings and appliances. Participants may live alone or in a shared living environment based on availability. For more information, email us at [email protected]

Build A Bridge Foundation provides family, child and individual counseling in the areas of behavior and emotional challenges with a cognitive-behavior therapy approach and relationship building training and counseling to provide support to the whole family in all areas for total health and wellness

Build A Bridge Foundation of Georgia has partnered with the following organizations and independent consultants:

BBF has partnered with L.A.D.I.E.S Inc. (Ladies Acting Dignified in Every Situation). L.A.D.I.E.S. Inc. empowers and teaches young women to always exemplify the character of a lady at all times. This objective is achieved by persuading women of all walks of life to strive to live productive, orderly and dignified lives with wholesome character. This organization promotes unity among women, unity within the family, career enhancement, community service and leadership development, through monthly motivational speaking and seminars, quarterly empowerment rallies, annual conferences and through demonstration of those that are participants. For more information or to become a part of this movement, email Jackie Gilbert-Grant at [email protected] or call 912-657-1600.

Tara N. Tolbert, LCSW. “Healing for a Hurting World” Ms. Tolbert is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing at McDaniel’s Consulting and Counseling, Inc. Her practice provides client centered, therapeutic services to children/adolescents (ages 8-17) and adults. Her practice addresses a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues, provides counseling for traditional and non-traditional couples and various treatment modules used including solution focused and cognitive-behavior therapy. She has evening and weekend hours for your convenience as well. Ms. Tolbert can be reached by email at [email protected] or visit the website at

Monique Tyson, a licensed Mary Kay Consultant. Ms. Tyson is a professional skin and hair care consultant. She educates people on techniques for obtaining and maintaining a healthy complexion, as well as providing guidance on the purchase and application techniques of cosmetics or other skin related products such as wrinkle creams or lotions.  Her goal is to help people look their best with healthy, younger looking skin or to achieve a more alluring sophisticated look. Ms. Tyson advises clients about colors and types of makeup, and instructs them in makeup application techniques. She cleanses clients’ skin with water, creams and/or lotions, demonstrates how to clean and care for skin properly, and recommends skin-care regimens. Ms. Tyson will help you determine which products or colors will improve your skin quality and appearance as well as examine your skin, using magnifying lamps or visors when necessary, in order to evaluate skin condition and appearance. Ms. Tyson can be reached by phone at 912-667-0308.

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