We provide humanitarian and social services to Savannah’s communities.


We provide employment services, life skills training, and follow-up services.

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We seek to be an informational and supportive conduit.


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Build A Bridge Foundation of Georgia (BBF)’s mission is to close the gap of poverty for women and children through education and community resources and to enhance the quality of life for all members of the community, especially those who are poor, suffering, or are otherwise disadvantaged by providing quality education services and community resources.


The vision of BBF is to provide a high level of quality academic and social activities/curricula and cultural experiences to women and children in order to close the poverty gap and increase economic sustainability and foster independence in the community.

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Agency location: PO Box 18416, Garden City, GA 31418

Mailing Address: PO Box 18416, Garden City, GA 31418



BBF was founded on seven (7) basic core values that is the foundation for how we provide services to the community. The core values are wisdom, courage, compassion, hope, respect, responsibility and integrity.

Wisdom – a wise person makes good choices and considers the concerns of others as well as his or her own. BBF will provide academic, social and financial education to all those who request these services so that participants can make wise choices about their future and the future of their family

Compassion – a compassionate person is one who helps those who need help and is forgiving of others and shows care and concern. BBF will demonstrate compassion to every participant who is in need and request our services.

Responsibility – a responsible person keeps his or her word, accepts failures or mistakes and demonstrates a willingness to correct his or her errors. BFF will show financial, moral, and ethical responsibility to stakeholders, participants, staff, board members, and the community. BFF will also empower it’s participants through education and community resources how to be financially and academically responsible for themselves and their family.

Respect – a respectful person is kind to others and demonstrates tolerance for others regardless of faith, race, culture, or socio-economic background. BBF will be fair and non-judgmental of its clients and program participants at all times.

Hope – to look forward to something with desire and reasonable confidence. BBF will provide hope to its program participants by enabling them with the tools needed to be successful and enhance their quality of life

Integrity – a person of integrity is consistent and reliable, lives up to their moral and ethical principles, has soundness of character, is honest, and is true to himself in matters of conscience. BBF will always work within the realms of integrity when working with the community, staff, board members, stakeholders, and participants.

Courage – is the confidence to act in accordance with one’s beliefs, to face difficulty without fear. BBF will demonstrate courage by forging our way through new and uncharted territory as we embark on exciting and innovative ideas and projects that support our mission and vision.